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Our Journey

The Revolution of Seasonal and Sustainable ingredients, sourced through local purveyors with our personal touch on some of our favorite multicultural cuisine.


Fox 31 & Channel 2 News

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"Every Friday, Fox31 and Channel 2 feature a new food truck and this week it’s The Revolver Food Truck.

The Revolver Food Truck focuses on locally sourced ingredients and goods with a revolving menu based on seasonal availability.  

With over 70 years combined in the food service and specialty food industries, Scott Glaser, Mike Silvestri and Mike Beard decided to take their knowledge to the street and create an unforgettable brand of high quality food with fun twists."

Denver Digs 

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"Revolver Food Truck is the real deal! We took Denver Digs to grab a bite and see what's on the menu...we almost tried one of everything! It was delicious, fresh, fast, and the guys can sure make great conversation! You've got to find them and see what's up! Make sure to follow Denver Digs for all the exciting happenings in the Denver metro!"

Voyage Denver

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"Hidden Gems: Meet Mike Silvestri & Scott Glaser of Revolver Food Truck"

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